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probate hawaii

  probate estate settlement services hawai'i

KPRESS Law Hawai'i

Prioritizing your probate case for efficient and comprehensive probate and estate settlement services on all islands of Hawai'i



probate hawaii

how kpress law can help

Losing a loved one can be traumatic. 

The added necessity of a probate and estate administration can be daunting tasks during a very difficult time.

Let KPRESS Law lift some of the burden during this challenging transition. We will do our upmost to make your case a priority, and provide the most efficient and comprehensive probate and estate settlement services possible.


why Kpress law?

KPRESS Law's mission is to make your probate case a priority and to provide focused, thorough, and prompt service. Founder Victoria Sakamaki is an attorney with nearly 20 years of experience in all areas of estate planning, probate and trust administration, but has decided to dedicate her practice solely to probate and the settlement of estates, to be able to give probate cases priority, which will provide the most efficient and comprehensive probate estate settlement services possible. KPRESS Law is designed to give your probate case the attention it needs in order to minimize the stress and confusion that individuals and families can face at the loss of a loved one.

probate hawaii

do I need a probate?

The answer in most cases is YES if: 


Decedent owned any percentage of interest in real property located in Hawai'i at the time of passing. 

The total cumulative value of accounts in decedent's individual name exceeds $100,000, and the accounts do not have a beneficiary designation.

Decedent owned a life insurance policy or retirement account and there is no beneficiary designation, or all of the named beneficiaries are deceased.

probate hawaii
probate hawaii
probate hawaii

Kpress law hawai'i

To expedite and simplify your probate experience.

P.O. Box 25368, Honolulu, Hawaii 96825

(808) 445-3072

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