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I need a probate IN HAWAI'I ?

A common reaction upon hearing a probate is required for your loved one's estate is dread and sometimes panic.  You have heard that the process can take months to years and may delay the sale of real property or distribution to beneficiaries.  

While this may be true in a few complex cases where certain inherent problems exist, for example when heirs or beneficiaries are difficult to contact, it is actually more common that the probate process can be relatively expedient and smooth. Contact KPRESS Law today for a free consultation and assessment of your probate case.

What to Expect during the probate process IN HAWAI'I:


Gathering Information

The first step in the probate process is to gather information. The initial probate filing requires information about the decedent, the person or persons applying or petitioning the court for appointment as Personal Representative, the family members, devisees, and heirs at law of a decedent (those who would be considered heirs of the decedent by statute). Information regarding assets of the decedent is also required.  Gathering this information may become complicated for family members or heirs at law who are estranged, unknown or difficult to locate. KPRESS Law can help you through this process.


Appointment of personal representative

A Personal Representative may be appointed soon after the required initial information is gathered and opening probate documents are prepared and filed, IF it is possible to file an informal probate in your case.  On the other hand, if a formal probate is required for your case, this process may take several months, as a formal probate will require scheduling of a court hearing. KPRESS Law will help you determine what type of probate proceeding is possible for your case and the pros and cons of choosing such, and from there can estimate the time it will likely take before a Personal Representative is appointed


administration of probate estate

Once a Personal Representative is appointed, KPRESS Law will help the Personal Representative with all aspects of the probate estate administration, including proper accounting for estate assets, eventual distribution of the estate assets according to the law applicable to the estate, and preparing and obtaining the proper documentation for all distributions and necessary subsequent filings.


closing the probate case

After the probate estate is distributed and all necessary tax filings are complete, KPRESS Law will help you properly close the probate case to minimize the Personal Representative’s liability as a fiduciary of the estate, bringing finality and closure to the matter. A probate matter must be open at least six months from the time of opening.

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